Friday, 20 March 2015

DIY Hex Tarptent

Hi Folks
I've been using a Tarp as a shelter over the last year - I like the freedom it gives you and the fact that you are out under the stars at night (while still being able to shelter from the rain!). But you do need trees to be able to erect a tarp easily. I've been thinking about doing some overnighters on the beach so would like to have an alternative when there are no trees to sling a ridge line. I do have a Polish Lavvu which is a great little shelter - the pyramid shape is stable and it needs only a centre pole and a few pegs to put up. But the Lavvu weighs 3.5kg and I really don't fancy lugging that for miles on my back with my Winter sleeping bag and gear. So I planned my perfect shelter......... and this is what I came up with.

It weighs only 950 grams and, due to offsetting the position of the pole, has a nice large area for me to sleep without touching the walls. I used PU Nylon (in Danish camo pattern) and it came out pretty well. There is more information and a dimensions on the BushcraftUK forum HERE
Not to get out there and give it a proper workout!.

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