Sunday, 1 February 2015

Woodgas Stove

I've been intrigued by reviews of the "woodgas stove" - not having to carry fuel for your stove sounds like a big advantage to me. You just burn twigs and sticks, which are in plentiful supply. I paid my £13 and it soon arrived - it is made from stainless steel and folds down to reasonably small size. On my walkabout today I got to try it in anger and it boiled up a mug of water in about five minutes from unpacking it - that's as good as my Trangia but cost nothing to run!

The stove has a double skinned wall which pulls additional air up and into the top of the stove, providing a secondary burn of waste gases. Bottom line, it burns hot and fast - you can see the gas jets in the photo's coming out under the rim.
So I look forward to getting much more use out of my stove - I'll report back on my experiences.