Friday, 29 July 2016

Poole Harbour Wildcamp

Re-visited a favourite spot last night with my wildcamp buddy Mr S - it's a spot overlooking Brownsea and is so peaceful. The wind was blowing across so we set up on the calm side of the peninsula right on the waters edge. Wonderful views and got to see the firework display on Poole Quay from the opposite side!

We set up our DD multicam tarps (a great pattern by the way, which disappears nicely into the foliage) and spent a quiet evening watching the wildlife and occasional pleasure cruise that steamed by. Bivying on the ground is a great way to enjoy nature!

A Woodgas stove heated up the food and made the necessary brews - it runs on twigs so no fuel to carry and leaves no "fire pit" to scar the ground.

We broke camp, leaving no trace we had even been there and walked on out in time to get to work - mission accomplished! Needless to say we want to get back there again soon!