Sunday, 25 January 2015

Solo Overnighter

Did my first proper solo overnighter in a favourite spot of mine recently. Unfortunately my usual bushcrafting companion was taken ill at the last minute so I decided to go out on my own anyway. It was an excellent experience - lighting a fire became a much larger worry on my own as it was below freezing and the area I was in was sodden with water. Thankfully I got it up and burning happily - I split some smaller branches in half lengthwise which revealed their inner dry faces.

I have gone over to using a tarp instead of a tent for the last year - it gives you more freedom in where you can set up. And you really can't beat sleeping under the stars - open your eyes and you can see the sky above you and sometimes catch the occasional inquisitive bird or animal checking you out.

A blazing fire - camp TV! There is nothing better :)

On my way back out the next day I passed a few shelters that had been made from natural foliage. I must check them out in more detail next time I am in the area.
I learned a lot on this night out. Being on your own means you must be in control of yourself  and what you are doing. You also need to keep your mind in check - it's easy to worry about things when you are on your own. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to my next trip out.

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