Monday, 29 December 2014

An Outdoor Essential

One thing that I find essential when out and about is a good old fashioned "Brew". A hot cup of tea or coffee fills you with warmth and a sense of well being. It makes you feel at home, regardless of where you may be.
I have a few methods of making a brew. An open fire is the most basic, requiring the minimum of kit. Then a portable stove - I have a gas stove which is small, light and fast to boil and (as in this photo) a spirit burner, which is powered with a little meths or alcohol. You can also burn gels and solid fuel blocks (like good old Hexy) in the base unit, plenty of options.
I carry a separate mug to drink from - I use it to measure a cup full of water into the "kettle" and then pour the hot liquid back into the mug. It is double skinned so I can sip the hot fluid without burning my hands and lips.

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